Security Operations Optimization Service for Cortex XDR


Automate threat detection and speed up investigations

To maximize your use of the Cortex XDR™ framework, you need to incorporate its capabilities into your processes and ensure your team is familiar with its latest threat detection and investigation features.
Our SecOps consultant will optimize your Cortex XDR deployment by providing custom updates based on your environment and threats. Additionally, the consultant will work with your team to create SecOps processes that will make your analysts more efficient and effective at protecting your business, including training on proper use of Cortex XDR features.

We can also conduct ongoing reviews of your policies and how your team is handling investigations and threat hunting. We work with your team to ensure the proper knowledge transfer occurs to support operations, administration, and maintenance of your Cortex XDR deployment as well as use of advanced features.


Once the service is conducted, you’ll have:

  • Consistent detection and investigation from SecOps workflow and process integration with Cortex XDR
  • Insider access to new and advanced feature information
  • Accelerated and simplified investigations from team education
  • Proper log formatting for effective threat hunting and SIEM integration
  • Effective operations, administration, and manage¬ment with knowledge transfer to your team


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